Welcome, this page is still becoming, for now it shows a  selection of collaborative projects I've been working on in  recent years. I want to thank all the beautiful people I've been working with: Ronald Rietveld, Erick de Lyon, Koos Schaart, Erik Rietveld, Damiaan Denys, Anna Maria Fink, Thijs de Zeeuw, Bart de Hartog, Ira Koers, Cameron Hu, Stefan Schäfer, among many others.

I am keen on sharing collaborative artistic research, instead of showing individual work, work on lichen, lithium, metastability, human-animal encounters, stress, to name a few fascinations I share with others. I hope you will be curious to explore further the projects listed on the left.

bio – as a physicist and a landscape architect, my work revolves around place-based research. Operating on the crossroads of visual arts, landscape architecture and applied science has honoured me with invitations to the HKW in Berlin and Art/Science program at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and as Vroman Fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academy.

Over the decade I've have been developing a situation-specific approach to making large-scale art installations as part of the core-team at RAAAF. We have been work like Still Life (Het HEM Amsterdam), Deltawerk // (Waterloopbos Noordoostpolder), Hidden Worlds (Cappadox Contemporary Art Capadocia), see more at:


As a scientist I've been working as an embedded researcher at TNO (former National Dutch research institute) and the AMC (Amsterdam Medical Centre) in Amsterdam.

contact - david [dot] habets [at] gmail [dot] com

selected exhibitions


–    Lithium exhibition, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam. Curatorial research + video essay  i.c.w.
     Stefan Schäfer & Cameron Hu
–    ZOOOF in het Glazenhuis in Amsterdam i.c.w. Thijs de Zeeuw, Ira Koers, Bart de Hartog

–    Still Life [RAAAF] temporary art installatie made of slowly moving casted

      brass plates (5,3m x 3,3m)

–    Deltawerk // [RAAAF | Atelier de Lyon] 250m long land art project in the Netherlands
–    Hidden Worlds [RAAAF] Cappadox festival Cappadocia Turkey

–    Atlantic Burden [RAAAF] Materiality of the Invisible Bureau Europa, Maastricht
–    Zoo in the Antropocene, Sexyland Amsterdam with ZOOOF
–    The missing mineral, video installation and workshop, University of Edinburgh

–    Trusted strangers [RAAAF] Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
–    Frontier moods 12 channel video installation and workshop i.c.w. Stefan Schäfer and

      Cameron Hu at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) Berlin

–    Intensive Care [RAAAF] Istanbul Biënnal