ZOOOF [zoo of the future] comprises an interdisciplinary collective of artists, scientists and designers, founded by (landscape) architects David Habets, Bart de Hartog, Ira Koers and Thijs de Zeeuw. Considering the implications of a new geological epoch, it is about time we review the way we live together with non-human animals. And what better place to encounter animals in new ways than the zoo? By looking at human-nature relationships from different perspectives we develop a number of (counter-) proposals for the non-human habitats in the contemporary zoo. Over the last three years we worked closely together with Andrej Badin, Angelo Renna and Robin Winogrond on the travelling ZOOOF exhibition. The model we build is the centerpiece in having spatially informed conversations about the zoo in the future.



david habets

bart de hartog

ira koers

thijs de zeeuw

andrej badin
angelo renna
robin winogrond

Kári Driscoll
Aldo Hakman
Govert Flint
Barbara Visser
Arne Hendriks
Clemens Driessen
Katharina Swoboda
Jos Rademakers
Dirk Sijmons
David Hancocks
Nick Shepherd
Edwin Gardner
Esmee Geerken
Melanie Bonajo
Sanne Zurné
Maarten Reesink
Sara Blokland
Haig Balian
Kaj Lehmann
Jaap Scheeren

ZOOOF model Zone2Source Amsterdam 2020

A stroll through the zoo of the future, Architese Zürich 2021

Zone2Source, Glazenhuis Amstelpark Amsterdam 2020

Workshop EAZA: Zoo Plants of the Future 2019

Workshops ARTIS Amsterdam zoo of the future symposium 2018

Living Apart Together, Barcelona Zoo 2018

ZOOOF symposium Sexyland NDSM Amsterdam 2017